Virtual & Augmented Reality

Interactive Data Visualisations in
Virtual and Augmented Reality

Visualise your data in new and exciting ways with Universe 57 Data Visualisation Platform. Data can be consumed from disperate sources, combined together and displayed in a bespoke, interactive 3D virtual environment dedicated to providing enhanced understanding and insight into your data. Manipulate, filter and understand your data like never before.

Collaborative Understanding

Work together with users in different locations
within the same environment

No longer constrained to screen sharing and flat screen displays, users in different locations can view and interact with the data universe at the same time using different devices. Work with customers and analysts across the globe to help them to understand their data and how to improve their business processes.

Secure Cloud Service

Secure collaboration
using our cloud service

Our unique cloud based service allows data from different sources to be integrated and securely shared between users within the same virtual space. Present insights derived from data analysis to a distributed audience in real time.